Western Downs Transport, Family-Owned Cotton, Grain, Fertiliser and Equipment Heavy Haulage Business Based in Dalby Queensland.



No waiting - convenience of chain bed cotton delivery


More bang for buck - Increased mass limits with GHMS and NHVS schemes

Manure Supply & Deliver

Natural fertiliser producing big yield results

Who Are We

Western Downs Transport, is a family-owned haulage business based in Dalby Queensland. 

When it comes to moving your cotton, grain, cotton seed, manure, fertiliser, gravel, hay or equipment, using Western Downs Transport means reasonable pricing, reliable service and respectful communication.

We love the land and are proud of the vital link we provide as a transport operator in the supply chain, connecting our clients to their buyers and markets. You can spend all season tending to your crop, but the profits don’t flow until the product is delivered safe and sound.

Western Downs Transport Heavy Haulage

Safe Delivery, Professional Service


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